john: when does the interview start?
me: now.
john: than why am I the one asking questions?
me: shut up.
john: merp... ok
me: what's your favorite kind of cheese?
john: cheese.. yes.. i like cheese.. especially american, monster and bleu cheese
me: discribe yourself.
john: girl's like me, i don't know why.. i have blue eyes, brown hair, tall... strange personality
me: bad habits?
john: getting in fights, drugs, forgetting things like my bad habits
me: good habits?
john: singing ''you lost that lovin feelin'' in public
me: that's not good.
john: girls seem to like it
me: that's cause they wanna lay you.
john: why thank you..
me: favorite movie?
john: rocky horror picture show
me: quote?
john: i don't like the drugs but the drugs like me
me: oh, yes you do
john: it's a quote
me: but i know you like the drugs
john: especially the spotted mushroom people
me: shiney mushroom people?
john: those are your mushroom people.. mine are spotted
me: why would aliens want to abdupt you?
john: they'd want to get closer to my mushroom people and monster cheese
me: so they wouldn't want anything to do with you?
john: they'd want a piece of my ass.. everyone seems to want a piece of my ass
me: favorite tv show?
john: early edition
me: favorite color?
john: clear
me: clear's not a color
john: niether is plaid
me: any last words?
john: is this my execution?
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