me: state your name rank and serial number for the record
kristine: ava, 14, dont know
me: occupation?
kristine: student
me: what are you a student of?
kristine: the 9th grade, in that place i hate
me: favorite cheese?
kristine: my favorite food is cheese so i cant distinguish favorites
me: describe yourself
kristine: uh blonde, blue eyes, entry level genious.
me: why would aliens want to abduct you?
kristine: they want nice blonde hair
me: have they abducted yet?
kristine: not that i know of
me: so they brainwashed you?
kristine: i guess so
me: where do you live and what sucks about it?
kristine: a hole in the ground, its too hot and ther are to many stupid people, and posers
me: shoe size?
kristine: 9 and a half
me: now i'm jelous. um, obsessions?
kristine: keanu reeves, music, goo goo dolls, eclipses.
me: do you believe in santa claus?
kristine: i used to, but then when i was 5 my brother played santa cluas at kay bee toys ,and then i quit beliveing
me: so you brother is fat
me: bad habits?
kristine: i dont think i have any
me: good habits?
kristine: i dont have any habits
me: everyone has habits
kristine: well i cant think of any of mine right now
me: when i say a word you say the first thing that comes to your mind, ok?
kristine: okay
me: low
kristine: down
me: up
kristine: high
me: new
kristine: shirt
me: black
kristine: goth
me: album
kristine: pink floyd
me: dancing monkey
kristine: friend
me: lime dicease
kristine: ewwwww
me: cheese
kristine: favorite food
me: meat
kristine: chicken strips
me: ok, i'm done with that... what are your hobbies?
kristine: internet, my site, talking on the phone, kicking my brothers ass
me: what else do you do on the internet?
kristine: look at sites, chat with Marc and friends, download crap, listen to music.
me: who is this marc guy?
kristine: marc is someone im involved with at the moment
me: hhhmmm... how involved?
kristine: very involved
me: um, internet relationship, ew.. better have your meat clever when he comes to visit
kristine: yes i will
me: favorite cereal?
kristine: raisin bran.
me: what does your cat smell like?
kristine: i dont know
me: how can you not know what your cat smells like?
kristine: never noticed
kristine: fur i guess
me: favorite drink?
kristine: dr pepper
me: why do you think they call it dr pepper?
kristine: im not sure
me: what are you wearing right now?
kristine: reebok shirt, stupid flares i hate, and socks
me: quote?
kristine: " i want to wake up where u are" from slide by the goo goo dolls, although it's not exactly a quote.
me: last words?
kristine: some chances are worth taking...some arent
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