kristine: where do you live and what sucks about it?
me: barstool, the people suck (which should make my friends feel **extra** special). and it doesn't rain enough
kristine: you like rain?
me: yes, i wish i would rain like 90% of the time. i like lightning too but not when it crashes the computer
kristine: what is your favorite movie?
me: the matrix, interview with the vampire or pump up the volume kristine: what do you do online?
me: look at naked pictures of brad pitt
kristine: is that all?
me: yes, i like nudity very much
kristine: what is your favorite beverage? why is it your favorite bevarage?
me: vodka - the cause and solution to all life's problems. i also like mountain dew, it's yummy
kristine: who do you hate?
me: lots of people... sabrina, christina, gloria, that ghetto queen w/no eyebrows and cheerleaders especially
kristine: what type of people do you despise the most?
me: posuers, cheerleaders, posuers, jock, wannabes, and of course homies, and posuers... oh yeah, posuers and preppies
kristine: what is your favorite cereal?
me: lucky charms but my mom never buys it so marsmellow froot loops
kristine: they have marshmellow fruit loops?
me: yes, with little yellow and green frogs and blue and white tucans. i like lucky charms better though
kristine: what is your favorite song?
me: um... right now it's "cuz you're gone" by the goo goo dolls
kristine: what musical group/band do you hate the most?
me: 'n sync. i hate boybands and expecially them because they have that one with the really bad hair
kristine: lol, what is your favorite band?
me: smashing pumpkins. i can't believe d'arcy left *sob* some other contenders are: ggd's, metallica and valium
kristine: what do you spend MOST of your time doing?
me: besides internet just hanging or vegitating. i like to vegitate. i read and watch tv too. i guess that's not all one thing.
kristine: what do you think of environmentalists?
me: tree huggers suck but i don't really want it to get any worse. it's not my thing. and i eat meat!!
kristine: how would u describe yourself?
me: most people hate me because i see through them. i'm demented, even more demented when i'm around other demented people. i do bad things also
kristine: what is your favorite color?
me: plaid
kristine: any habits?
me: good or bad?
kristine: both
me: good: um, i'm very cleanly. cleanliness is golliness
me: bad: i have a tendancy to smack people and i swear too
kristine: yeah me to, what is your favorite tv show?
me: vh1's rock show.
kristine: what is your opinion of ciggarettes?
me: they're yucky. i can't stop people from smoking but they make me barf. remember when your mom made me barf?
kristine: yeah
kristine: what is the most comfortable outfit you own?
me: my baggy ck jaens and my old zero shirt
kristine: what is your favorite quote?
me: "my dirty dreams come to life on my tv screen"
kristine: lol, any last words?
me: um... do something crazy or else you'll regret it for the rest of your life
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