me: where do you live and what sucks about it?
agie: elmhurst hellinios and it only sucks when it rains
me: you don't like rain?
agie: i hate rain.
agie: oooh! another thing that sucks is the radio
me: radio sucks where i live too, but it never rains here.
me: what sucks about the radio?
agie: No Good Moosak!
me: what do they play instead?
agie: crap
me: sounds like the stations where i live. ok
agie: thanks for fuckin' my signbook again, BTW i'm gonn sign your GB again too
me: hunk, flunk or spunk?
agie: lol for what!? i like the word flunk i've never heard it before
me: i guess it's like which do you prefer i read it somewhere.
agie: lol i like that it's funnty!
agie: you should learn frames - your site would be 10 times kooler! (even though your site eptomizes kool)
me: digusting personal habits? i have learned frames. the new version has them
agie: i always brush my teeth in public and i like to scream obsenities on busy street corners
me: nice personal habits?
agie: hmm
agie: i always compliment people on good stuff
agie: like on your site it's ben stiller he's soo fricken kool!
agie: i like, adore the movie mystery men
me: *lol* quit sucking up. j/k.
me: why would aliens apduct you?
agie: lol
agie: they already have
agie: they'd do it again to piss me off
agie: 'cos i keep using their codename for me
me: what did they do to you?
agie: idea?!
me: so they brain washed you too?
agie: lol!
agie: yeah!
me: hobbies off the net?
agie: makin' websites, dling mp3s, and emailin' some rock stars
me: i meant hobbies besides the internet...
agie: oooh
agie: mooosak! stalking ppl
agie: phone
agie: shoppin'
me: who have you stalked?
agie: the marvelous three, shades apart, sugar ray
me: shoe size?
agie: uhm lemme go look
agie: 6.5 in my vans, 6 in my Nikes
me: so you have small feet. or you wear men's sizes..
agie: no small feet
me: lucky you. favorite sites?
agie: (my friend runs it. call it free advertising for him.)
me: or a shameless plug
me: design styles you hate?
agie: like what do you mean lol
me: like sites with huge default font in neon colors
agie: oh ok
agie: sites with too much images
agie: and sites with just plainess
agie: and sites that brag about themselves
agie: and depending on the site, i hate frame bars
me: me too
agie: some look ok with them others dont
me: what's your favorite movie and why?
agie: i have three...
agie: should i say all three?
me: go ahead
agie: Vertigo: It's a very bizarre movie, and it just draws me it ever time. and Jimmy Stewart it god.
Tootsie: Dustin Hoffman looks good in drag
The Breakfast Club: I just love the script ti's so perfect
agie: ((speakin' of frame borders my friend has frame borders and i HATE them on her site))
me: the breakfast club... do you remember that molly ringwald show called townies?
me: send me the url later
agie: yeah i remember
me: any addictions?
agie: goldfish crackers, butch walker, socks!
agie: ((at this moment i just ate a handfull of goldfish and i'm at a butch walker site))
me: socks, man. i do the same thing my mom complains because i wear holes in them.
agie: i have like a bagillion pairs of socks!
me: who is the person you dislike the most and what would you do to them?
agie: i don't hate anyone
agie: but i'd like...hmm
me: that's new.
agie: OOH I KNOW!
agie: ever see can't hardly wait?
me: favorite cereal?
me: yeah
agie: if they were having a partie i'd be like that geek and do that
agie: favorite ce*real..MY SITE. jk. hmm. lucky charms or old skool frosted flakes
me: get them naked and take polaroids of them?
agie: yeah!
agie: thats funny
me: so, old school frosted flakes, what's the difference?
agie: new skool ones are too sugarie
me: i never noticed that. anyways favorite quote?
agie: i got a couple
me: go ahead
agie: "all that we see or seem is a dream within a dream" - the marvelous 3
"it's a double edged sword. if you have, then your a slut, if not then your a prude" - ally sheedy
"all i want is to be wanted by you" a song by the marvelous 3
me: you're a big marvelous three fan i see
agie: ((btw i am a keanu fan.))
agie: huge
agie: obsessive
agie: my AOL name has to do with this. This name has to do with them
agie: one of my version titles has to do with them
agie: my whole live does. i'm sad
me: i hardly ever meet any other keanu fans. all the girls around here don't even like white guys, even the white ones!!
agie: thats weird!
agie: all the people out here like ricky martin. me, i don't. he's a little girlie man
me: with carson daly hair
agie: i have nicnames for people i hate
agie: Shitney Queers, Ricky Fartin, Carson Fagly, Stephen Foreskins (Stephen Jenkis of 3eb)
me: i have code names instead, the real life ones anyways. *lol* i hate 3eb too
me: any last words? if my modem doesn't quit on me first...

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