i have 3 dogs and 2 cats
i can only name 6 of my cousins
my best friend is 6 feet tall
the walls in my room are covered with pictures of keanu, brad pitt, val kilmer and movie posters
my older brother is named nick
he's 6'3'
that was stupid
i have to take a prescrpition for my cramps
two walls in my rooms are multi-colored, the other two are white
it's been like that for four years
we were supposed to repaint it summer 99 but ran out of time
i never study
i get a's and b's
i've failed spanish (twice) though
my favorite food is lasagna
i hate all chinese food expect for egg soup and egg rolls
i only wear my hair in 2 styles
up or down
i swear, a lot
hardly ever at home though
adam sandler is my idol
i want to be a: rock star, voice artist or artist when i grow up
i don't fit into any ''cliques''
i'm a mutt (surfer, rocker, goth, freak and loser)
my worst enemies are: gloria montoya, sabrina rodreguez, christina pollack and angelina aloanzo
i'm not allowed to go into chat rooms
they bore me anyways
i have 75 mp3's
my modem sucks
i hate macs
i collect shot glasses
i put the ''spoon quote'' in everyone's yearbook that i signed in 98-99
my next best friend, kristine, lived in az for 10 months
she moved back though, i kinda feel sorry for her
my favorite books are anne rice's vampire chronicles
if i read anything else, it's for school
i read interview with the vampire in five days
it was for a book report
the teacher made me get a note from my mom
i learn a lot of stuff from pop up video
i've seen a lot where are they now, before they were rockstars and behind the music episodes
mostly because there's nothing else on
i like south park
but we don't get comedy central
my brother and i have the same hair color, hair type, eye color and skin type (greasey)
i'm much paler and shorter than him though
i'm 5'4
my brother is four years older than me
he still lives at home
he takes me to rent videos a lot
my favorite car is his 66 mustang
i hate all cars except fords and lamborginies
i have the most unusual name of anyone i know
most people can't spell it when they hear it or pronounce it when they see it in writing
it's a combonation of my two grandmother's names
cigarette smoke makes me really really sick
nearly every one on my mom's side smokes
we only see them once every few years
i have an uncle named fabio
he's columbian, with short black hair
one of the photographer's assistants at the wedding looked like keanu reeves
i talked to him for two hours after the service
my uncle james, his wife and my two cousins live in korea
i like 1-800-call-att commercials
my parents' names are bill and gina
nearly all my friends' parents are divorced
mine aren't
my favorite music videos are orgy's ''stitches'' and smashing pumpkins' ''today''
my favorite videos to watch on mute are shania twain's ''man, i feel like a woman'' and paula abdul's ''rush rush'' (for visual reasons)
i hate old navy commercials
i can't run worth crap but i'm very good at stretching