i get up at 5:30. i usually lay there for about ten minutes building up the motivation to get out of bed. when i finally do get out of bed i shower, get dressed, put in my contacts, eat, straighten my hair and do some other stuff. at about 7:15 i leave for school. the bell usually rings right after i get there so i just go to first period. first period is computer literacy with ms. curran. she's a bitch but it's still an easy a. second is english 1 advanced with mrs. mcguire. she's old most the time she's nice but she gets mad at me for sleeping thru her class. it's an easy class. third is algebra 1 with mr. king. i don't sit by any of my friends in this class so i just sleep. it's also an easy class. fourth is biology with mr. whiteside. it's also easy and he don't care about late work and picks on cody which makes him a cool teacher.R> than (finally) it's lunchtime. which means standing around the heater and discussing new ways to kill tony, operation destroy pep rally and other fun things. like taking over the world. people: kristine, jeff, matt, kevin, stupid dumbass, the other jeff, heather, lisa, tyrel and it goes on.
after lunch is the hardest class, freshman pe. my nose has been sunburned three times this year. we get hot, sweaty and very cranky in one hour. art is my easiest class besides computers. the teacher is one of those people that believes everyone can draw. it's funny to see her reactions.
when i fianally get home i sit in front of the tv and play on the computer. how interesting.

same as when i get home on schooldays except with more chores.