This is the newly added images section, it'll be a while between updates of this section of the site do to the sercumstances. I saved all my makeovers from Alt.Lawndale.Com and I'll be posting them in a different section soon. Enjoy!


Jane sitting at her desk, drawing
A drawing of Ms. Barch
Talking to Daria about her strait C average
Opening the door...
Surprise!!'s a helpless posuer.
Quinn wants in
Jane decides that the mass cereal puppy kickers can have Quinn,but it is futile....
Quinn in Jane's room
Quinn examing one of Jane's paintings
...and she pays the price
Trent walks in the room
Getting rid of Quinn
another shot of that described above
Jane's drawing of quinn with a flower or a bullet hole through her head


Standing in the back of the club, watching Trent play
"Burger. Get burger
Standing in the club
Standing in the club with Trent and Jesse
Standing at Daria's door the next day
Walking... not much more to it
Jane's room!!
Being introduced to Daria's doctor
"Doctor I got this feeling... [insert latin beat here]