The Daria Drinking Game

doctor's noteToo much drinking can and will kill you! I do not encourage binge drinking, or drinking at all, all alcoholic drinks taste like piss. I think people who drink to be cool, fit in, etc are idiots who can't think for themselves. If you don't drink you will never become an alcoholic or die from it. This was not made to encourage drinking, this was made to compile a list of recurring events in a creative way.

Card #1
  • If someone forgets Jamie's name. [one]
  • Kevin calls Brittany babe or visa-versa. [one]
  • Quinn complains about Daria ruining her life, popularity, etc. [two]
  • Mrs. Barch makes a refrence to her ex-husbund or hating men. [two]
  • Sandi and Quinn give each other evil looks. [four]
  • Jane is seen painting. [five]

    Card #2

  • Quinn says something stupid. [one]
  • Someone gives the wrong answer to a question from a teacher. [one]
  • Anyone is seen eating pizza in a resturant. [two]
  • Mr. DiMartino's eye bulges out. [three]
  • Quinn is seen wearing something different from her usual attire. [four]
  • Ms. Li makes any refrence to "bringing honor to Lawndale High." [five]
  • Jesse appears in the episode. [eight]

    Card #3
  • The Morgendorffer's are eating pizza or lasagna at home. [one]
  • Jodie makes a refrence to after school activites, speaches, etc. [two]
  • Trent says, "Hey Daria." [three]
  • Kevin calls Mack, "Mack Daddy." [four]
  • Upchuck makes any refrence to women. [five]
  • Quinn's room is seen. [six]
  • Jane is seen painting something in charcole. [seven]

    Card #4

  • Quinn mentions a date or names a guy. [one]
  • A charcter says, "Dammit!" [two]
  • Jake makes Helen look bad. [three]
  • Metioning of any stores, malls, or shopping. [five]
  • Any scene at Jane's house. [four] (five if Trent's room is shown or Jane's mom, feet count)
  • Andrea talks. [seven]
  • Quinn actually says something insightful or intelligent. (group vote) [ten]

    Card #5

  • Brittany says something stupid and/or mistakes the meaning of a subject/word. [one]
  • Helen mentions her career. [two]
  • Upchuck asks someone out or hits on them. [four]
  • Any mention of drink and/or cast member is seen drinking. [five]
  • Helen mentions, "Being a good parent." [six]
  • Any mention of the bones in Daria's room and/or the bones are shown(the poster counts). [seven]
  • Any mention of a member of Jane's missing family. [nine]

    Card #6

  • Joey, Jeffy, or Jamie complement Quinn. [one]
  • Mrs. Bennet draws a confusing diagram. [three]
  • Mr. O'Neill tries to be encouraging or nice. [four]
  • Any flashbacks and/or mentions of Helen and Jake's past. [five]
  • Sick, Sad World comes on the TV. [six]
  • Any mention of Mystic Spiral or Trent being a musician. [eight] (nine if about Jesse)
  • Any mention of Jake's dad's drinking problem or military school. [nine]

    Card #7

  • Any time Sandy calls Daria, "Uh...Quinn's cousin or something..." [one]
  • Any mention of school or grades by Helen or Jake. [two]
  • Anyone says anything out of character. (group vote) [three]
  • Daria and Jane neglect to be sarcastic or make fun of. [five]
  • Any mentions of sports. [five]
  • You can hear Daria thinking. [seven]
  • Trent coughs. [eight]

    Card #8

  • Upchuck makes that growling sound. [one]
  • Ms. Li gets pissed off. (group vote) [two]
  • Daria and/or Jane is/are sarcastic and make fun. [three]
  • Daria mentions that she has no conscience. [four]
  • Quinn mentions her popularity. [five]
  • Jane and Daria are listening to music. [six]
  • Ms. Defoe (art) and/or Mrs. Manson (shrink) decides to show up. [nine]