name - i have no name, i'm the saint.
age - old enough
sign - pisces
school - bhs
resides - california, in the desert
hair - dark brown, bleh
eyes - blue-green
friends - john, kristine, robby, mikey, tyrel, ric, marcel, jenny, keel, jeff, chris, serena, lisa, stephanie, kevin, other jeff, jamie, rachel, sean, angel, josh, puja
life goal - to become a pirate radio disc jockey
sibilings - one brother, nick (18)
music - smashing pumpkins, orgy, metallica, sex pistols, garbage, queen, rem, everclear, 80's music... there's more
music i hate - boybands, most 80's hair bands, hippie music, rap
favorite color - silver, black, blue
tv shows - that 70s show, daria, friends, sliders (seasons 1-3), first wave, vh1's rock show, dharma and greg, will and grace, two guys and a girl, downtown, beavis and butt-head, buffy, early edition
religion - eh, it changes every week. jamie and i make up our own in p.e.
movies - the matrix, back to the future series, pump up the volume, airheads (or any other adam sandler movie), johnny mnemonic (or any other keanu movie), trainspotting, interview with the vampire, the crow, empire records, wayne's world, mystery men, anything by kevin smith
actors - keanu reeves, brad pitt, val kilmer, jerry o'connell, adam sandler, christian slater, bruce willis, nic cage, john tavolta
actresses - sarah michelle gellar, fairuza bulk, carrie ann moss, drew barrymore, mira sorvino, lisa kudrow