version 2.0 no subtitle
date - 8.14.99 to 8.28.99
colors - lots
font - verdana
represenative - keanu reeves


i hated this one. there's no way around that but it was up for 2 weeks anyways. heavily tabled.

version 3.0 we got the guns
date - 8.28.99 to 9.30.99
colors - white, black, shades of blue, gray
font - arial narrow
represenative - keanu reeves


i got tired of this one after a while. it was pretty complicated for my first version with frames. i got a lot of good feedback with this one.

version 4.0 shaken but not stirred
date - 9.30.99 to present
colors - white, black, orange
font - arial
represenative - keanu reeves


this was my first with both pop ups and drop down menus. i really liked this one it was simpler.

never used layouts:

this one used a picture from interview with the vampire. it was tinted red and if you had a big enough resolution you could see lestat (tom cruies) as well. i liked it but i knew i could do better. spiffy, but not spiffy enough.

this one had a dropdown (or pulldown, whatever) menu and johhnny rzeznik for a mascot. i liked it but i couldn't get one of the border frames to even out in netscrape. another one that just wasn't good enough. mana liked it though.

version 1.0 is better off a secret.